• Cemal Ozgur Yildiz

How to use FLIR Daylight BlackFly Camera with NVIDIA Jetson Modules ?

In this blog , we will explain how to use Flir Daylight Camera with all the NVIDIA Jetson Modules. To do that, we have to download the sdk file. You can find the compressed form of sdk file at the end of this document. After uncompressed the sdk file, you should see the whole software development kit like below.

Before start the installation process, we have to install "libusb-1.0-0" package. You can install this package by running below command.

sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0

You should change the working directory to where sdk file located. There is an install script which handles whole the installation process. We should run the script like below.


After installation process is done, you can start the "spinview" interface by running "spinview" command from the terminal.

On the left part of interface, you should see the cameras which are plugged in to our Jetson device. We have plugged two Flir Daylight Cameras to the device. One of our camera is monochrome , and the other one is colored camera.

You can check the example of spinview interface below.

Download 04-ARM64-PKG • 64.55MB

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