figure of DSBOARD-NX2 with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module

Speed Benchmark Test for Industrial M.2 SSD on DSBOARD-NX2 with NVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier™ NX

Jetson Xavier NX

21 September 2021

Hardware: DSBOARD-NX2

OS: Jetpack 4.5

Swissbit 960 GB Industrial M.2 PCIe SSD

In this blog post, you will learn how to benchmark speed test of Swissbit industrial eMMC SSD on DSBOARD-NX2 with NVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier™ NX module. 

Benchmark Test on Industrial M.2 SSD 

First, insert the industrial M.2 SSD on the M.2 Key-M slot on DSBOARD-NX2 carefully. Then, turn the DSBOARD-NX2 on. Open a terminal and run the following command to open the disk utility.


The disk utility will be open which you can see all the available disks. 

Choose SSD and click the settings. You will see Benchmark Partition option at the bottom. 

The benchmark window will open. Click to Start Benchmark to adjust the settings. Here, we set number of samples and sample size of transfer rate to 100; left number of samples for access time as 1000. After finishing the settings, click Start Benchmarking.

You will have to enter your password as well, then click Authenticate. 

Benchmark speed test will start. Average read, write, and access time is as follows. 

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