Close up on DSBOARD with NVIDIA NX2 module

How to Mount Wi-Fi Card to M.2 Key-B Slot on DSBOARD-NX2?

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15 September 2021

1- How to Mount Wi-Fi Card into M.2 Key-B Slot on DSBOARD-NX2?


Hardware: DSBOARD-NX2

5G Module: SIM8200EA-M2

In this blog post, we will explain how to mount a Wi-Fi card into the M.2 Key-E Slot of DSBOARD-NX2.

M.2 Key-B Slot is placed on DSBOARD-NX2 as follows.

Before mounting the module into the M.2 Key-B, make sure pins and contacts match as follows.

Then, carefully plug the pins with the contacts at 30-degree angle.

Push the Wi-Fi card to bottom and mount it with an appropriate screw. 

You can check whether its connected appropriately by running the following command. Here, you can see the 5G module as Qualcomm.

watch lsusb 

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