DSBox Kernel & DeviceTree Update Without Using JetPack

DSBox Kernel & DeviceTree Update Without Using JetPack

Jetson Xavier NX

21 February 2021



On this blog post we will explain how to update kernel and “.dtb” files for forecr DSBox models without using JetPack system.


Firstly, download new revision of the files from our website or ask it from us via e-mail. After you get the files, you can keep continue to this blog post.


Secondly, You need to copy the files from your host PC to DSBox. For this you can use “winscp” application for Windows OS or “scp” command for Linux OS. Or just use USB Flash Memory.



Connect your DSBox's debug port to your Host PC and open serial port. You can use "gtkterm" on LinuxOS.



To Update Kernel Image:

You can simply copy “Image” file to /boot folder on DSBox. Before copy be ensure to go same folder with new kernel file.


To Update .dtb File:

You need to find which partition is using for .dtb file on your emmc flash.


On the previous command output you can see the line like "DTB -> ../../mmcblk0p2"; this is the partition where you will write .dtb file.

After you find which partition used for .dtb file you can write your .dtb file.



Lastly use “sync” command before turning off the power.



You successfully updated your kernel and devicetree files. If you want to learn how to develop your own check our DSBox Kernel & DeviceTree Development blog post.


Thanks for reading.