We offer customized carrier boards and systems with specific interface requirements and budget constraints for our clients. In a customization process, we accomplish each of design, prototyping and production stages smoothly. Offering long term availability, cost-efficiency and low NRE prices together with rich interface options (USB3, PCIe, 10G, SATA, HDMI, DP, CAN, RS-485, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, etc.) are the key selection factors in our custom-made designs. Beside industrial environments, we have the experience to design for critical environments such as military and railway as well. We design our rugged embedded computers based on required environmental standards to operate under high levels of shock & vibration and extended temperature range.

Starting from zero, it depends on the quantity of customized units and design details of the project.

We don’t have a minimum order quantity requirement but as the quantity increases the NRE costs and setup fees decrease. In the customization projects that will be produced less than 50 units, the setup fees and NRE costs can be quite high.


For the production of customized versions of our standard products, it takes a minimum of 4 months time. Depending on the quantity and composition of the features requested, it can take up to one year.