Aravis Installation for Xenics GigE Camera -

Aravis Installation for Xenics GigE Camera

Jetson Nano | Jetson Xavier NX

18 February 2021

Hardware: Applied to all Forecr Products

OS: Applied to all Jetpack versions

In this blog post, we will explain how to download, install Aravis library and how to use Xenics GigE Camera by using this 

How to download Aravis setup

Aravis source file should be downloaded . For downloading please click here.

If you dont have "pip" package, please install pip by typing "sudo apt-get install python3-pip" .

Aravis uses the "meson" build system so it should be installed like below.

After "meson" installation process finished, "ninja" should be installed.

We created the new folder called "AravisProject" that includes aravis source file and build folders. All process will be performed under this folder for clean compiling.

Change the directory to aravis source directory.

Before the starting the compiling process, it is an obligation to have depended on packages which meson uses. The depended packages are declared in the "" file like below.

After commanding "meson build" , "build" folder will be created by meson.

Next command is "sudo ninja".

If depended packages are not installed properly, problems could be occurred during the compilation or there could be warnings like below. In this situation, missing packages should be installed by using "sudo apt-get ".

Last command for the compilation is "sudo ninja install".

When compilation process is done , change the directory to "viewer" folder.

Then, change the access permissions of "arv-viewer-08" file.

Ethernet cable must be used for connection. One side of ethernet cable should be plugged in to Xenics XTM640 GigE Camera, the other side of cable should be plugged in to DSBOX-NX2 box pc. You can also use the DSBOX-N2 box pc because whole process is same for both industrial boxes.

There must be assign manual IP to DSBOX-NX2 because the ethernet cable is hooked up as peer to peer. Assigning IP address can be performed like below.

Executing Aravis

Execute the "arv-viewer-0.8" file.

The interface can be seen below. Choose the camera that you are using by clicking on it and click the play button.

Here is the shootage of camera.

Thank you for reading our blog post.