Basler Camera Enablement Package for Forecr Products -

Basler Camera Enablement Package for Forecr Products

Jetson AGX Xavier | Jetson Nano | Jetson TX2 NX | Jetson Xavier NX

07 September 2021

1- How to change the current kernel DTB file?

2- How to install Basler Camera Enablement Package?


Hardware: DSBOARD-NX2

OS: Jetpack 4.5

Changing the Current Kernel DTB File

In this blog post, we will change the current kernel DTB file into the “/boot” folder and install the Basler Camera Enablement Package (CEP). 

First, download the DTB file from here (for DSBOARD-NX2 with Jetson™  Xavier™ NX). For other types of Forecr products, you can find DTB files in the download section of each installation blog post.

Copy the DTB in the “/boot/dtb” folder. The command should be like this:


sudo cp DTB_FILE_NAME /boot/dtb/kernel_DTB_FILE_NAME

For Xavier™ NX, the copy command looks below:

sudo cp tegra194-p3668-all-p3509-0000.dtb /boot/dtb/kernel_tegra194-p3668-all-p3509-0000.dtb

Basler Camera Enablement Package Installation

Download the Basler’s Camera Enablement Package from here. 

Extract the archive file and open a terminal.

Type the terminal command below (the installation output logs may be more than ours due to installed packages):

sudo ./

This script installs the package successfully and ends with this message:

"CEP installed successfully. Please reboot the system."

Then reboot the Jetson module:

sudo reboot

After the system reboots, the application can run with this command:


Thank you for reading our blog post.