Gigabit Ethernet Benchmarks for DSBOARD-NX2 with NVIDIA TX2 NX processor

Gigabit Ethernet Benchmarks for DSBOARD-NX2 with NVIDIA TX2 NX processor

Jetson TX2 NX

12 July 2021

Hardware: DSBOARD-NX2 with TX2 NX processor Industrial PC

OS: Jetpack 4.5.1

In this blogpost, we will explain how to benchmark gigabit ethernet for DSBOARD-NX2 with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX processor . We need to have another server pc for benchmarking. This host pc may be regular PC or embedded devices. The internet connection should be accessible for both devices, and they should be in local network.

How to install iperf3 packages

“iperf3” packages come from Jetpack 4.5.1. In case of problem of package existence, we should install “iperf3” to our DSBOARD-NX2 with TX2 NX processor industrial box pc. To do that, we need to type following commands.

sudo apt-get install iperf3

How to prepare server machine for benchmarking process

We need to install “iperf3” to our server pc, too. We should get IP address of our host pc by commanding “ifconfig”. After these steps, we should type following command in the host machine.

iperf3 -s

How to benchmark gigabit ethernet 

Our host pc IP address is “” as seen on the above visual. For benchmarking gigabit ethernet, we need to type following command from DSBOARD-NX2 with TX2 NX processor.

iperf3 -c

If you have done all steps without any problem, you should get transfer and bandwidth values. You can benchmark by using reverse mode. In this mode, server send and client receives. 

To do that, we should use following command.

iperf3 -c -R

Now, we benchmark by using udp protocol rather than tcp and set the bandwidth as “1000M”. For using these features, we use the parameters like below command.

iperf3 -c -u -b 1000M

We can make the last benchmark process as reversely.

iperf3 -c -u -b 1000M -R

For more parameters, you can get the information by commanding “iperf3 --help”. It can be displayed like below visual.

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