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How to Install/Uninstall MicroSD card on DSBOARD-NX2?

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24 September 2021

1- How to Install/Uninstall MicroSD card on DSBOARD-NX2?


Hardware: DSBOARD-NX2

Toshiba MicroSD card

In this blog post, we will explain how to install and uninstall MicroSD card on DSBOARD-NX2.

 How to Install/Uninstall SD card on DSBOARD-NX2?

To use the SD card as a storage device, DSBOARD-NX2 has an MicroSD slot. You can simply put the MicroSD card to the MicroSD slot as shown below. 

To make sure the SD card is installed correctly, you can check the disk utility by typing the following command in the terminal.


From the disk utility, you can see all the disks that has been inserted as shown below. 

To uninstall the MicroSD card you can put the MicroSD card out from the slot. 

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