Jetson-GPIO Library Update
Jetson Nano Jetson Xavier NX 18 February 2021

Lately, NVIDIA has published a GPIO library based on Raspberry Pi GPIO library. This library comes pre-installed on the module. On this blog post, we will patch that library to activate DSBoard IIO pins. This blog post applicable for DSBOX-NX2 and DSBOX-N2.

First of all, download the updated version of this library from our GitHub repository.

You can use this library directly but there could be a conflict between pre-installed library. To solve this, copy "lib/python/Jetson/GPIO/" file over the pre-installed library.

After these commands, you can use IIO pins using the library. First two commands added for backup reason; so anything goes wrong you can find original files.

On the table below you can find IIO GPIO numbers and names to use inside the library.



Thanks for reading.