USB 3.1 Speed Benchmarks for DSBOX-N2 Industrial Computer -

USB 3.1 Speed Benchmarks for DSBOX-N2 Industrial Computer

Jetson Nano

18 June 2021

1- How to benchmark USB 3.1 SSD on DSBOX-N2 Industrial Computer


Hardware: DSBOX-N2

OS: Jetpack 4.5.0

In this blog post, we are going to benchmark USB3.1 Speed for DSBOX-N2 Industrial Box PC. We will use Samsung T7 Portable SSD PC500T.

Firstly, we should connect USB 3.1 SSD device to our DSBOX-N2. Our USB 3.1 device formatted as exfat so we need to install exfat packages to our DSBOX-N2. Then, we see the available disks.

sudo apt-get install exfat-* -y


After, we click the disk setting button and choose “Benchmark Partition” option.

Now, we click the “Start Benchmark” button. 

In this step, we enter the number of samples and the sample size. We have entered 100 for both.

We should enter our DSBOX-N2 industrial box PC's password correctly. Then, we are ready to click “Start Benchmark” button.

You can check the average read rate and average write rate. 

Thank you for reading our blog post.