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Examples Of Embedded Systems

21 November 2021


Embedded systems are used for various areas in our daily life and industries such as the military, health, and automation. They are designed to perform specific tasks more efficiently and smartly. Almost every device we can see today uses embedded systems. Embedded systems are low in cost, small and simple designs. This makes embedded systems useful and helpful to society. Here are examples of real-life embedded system examples.  

Smart Camera

Smart cameras are one of the examples of small-scale embedded systems we use in our daily lives. Cameras we use today have smart functions to adjust camera view, opacity, contrast, and zooming digitally. Today's cameras also store the images in bits and send them to other devices such as a computer or USB flash drive. While analog cameras use photograph films to capture and store the images, digital cameras do not need external parts. Therefore, storing and transferring the data is easier. Some of the cameras can also detect humans, faces, motions, etc. They can also be programmed to add features such as effects and masks to human faces. 

Automotive Embedded Systems

Automotive devices such as smart cars can be included in embedded systems examples. Today's electric and smart cars replace the old fully manual cars. Embedded systems in cars enable them to be safer, more reliable, and lower in cost. Automotive embedded systems include Electronic Control Units (ECU) to react and control. ECUs are the central nervous system of automotive devices that have hundreds of microcontrollers. The whole system consists of bringing all the smaller systems that communicate within themselves. They receive the input from every part using sensors and decides the reaction. 

Security Systems

Home security systems became a popular small-scale embedded system example in today's world. Security embedded systems use sensors to detect gas leakage, smoke leakage, and humans. It can also include a keypad to enter a password to open the door which increases the security of the house. The outputs can be alarms or a communication device to inform the homeowner or the police. Home security embedded systems can also be used in stores, offices, and factories, etc. Companies use face or fingerprint detecting systems or identification cards as well to control their workers’ hours.


Automated Teller Machine

Another example of the medium-scale embedded system is the automated teller machine (ATM) that enables people to exchange money 24/7. ATM includes embedded systems to detect the card, a communication interface between the bank, and the output to give money. All these procedures are done with microcontrollers.  

Embedded Operating Systems

Almost every embedded system that uses an interface with users, includes embedded operating systems. Examples of embedded systems with embedded operating systems can be given as mobile phones, laptops, ATMs, personal digital assistants, etc. It displays a screen for the user to enter and store the information. Embedded computers such as DSBOARD-NX2 use an embedded operating system called Jetson™ developed by NVIDIA®.  

Interactive Kiosks

Automated kiosks are one of the network embedded system examples that use self-service machines to interact with humans. Kiosk machines help people get tickets, choose a meal, pay the groceries, etc. They reduce the human workload and time needed for work.


Medical Devices

Healthcare facilities use real-time embedded systems in medical devices to monitor the patients' health, communicate with other devices and humans, store the information of the patient, etc. Some of the medical device examples that use embedded systems are ultrasound, cardiac pacemaker, defibrillators.   

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