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DSBOARD-NX2 Expansion Connector Tutorial

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21 May 2021

1- Detailed description of signals on expansion connector

2- Example use cases for expansion connector

3- Mating connector model for expansion connector


Hardware: DSBOARD-NX2

There is a 14-pin expansion connector present on DSBOARD-NX2, which is located right above the I/O connector. The connector used is DF11-14DP-2DSA(24) from Hirose. It’s mating part is DF11-14DS-2C. This has been implemented for the reason that many applications may require specific interfaces that are not readily available on board. The signals on the expansion connector provide lots of customization options.

                                                              Figure: Location of expansion connector on DSBOARD-NX2

There is one SPI, one I2C and one UART interface available on expansion connector. All these signals are at 3.3V level and ESD protected. There are also two voltage pins located on connector with 2A current rating, one for 3.3V and one for 5V. Below you can see the pinout and pin numbering of expansion connector.

                                                    Figure: Pinout and pin numbering of expansion connector

With three different interfaces and two different voltage levels, you have all the tools needed to further customize the already versatile DSBOARD-NX2. You can use I/O expanders for extra GPIOs, connect various sensors, use converters for extra CAN BUS or serial communication interfaces, connect a FAN or much more. It’s up to you, these are only a few of the possibilities.

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