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RTC Battery Replacement on Forecr Carrier Boards

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23 September 2022

1- How to remove the RTC super-capacitor?

2- How to solder the RTC battery?


Hardware: DSBOARD-XV2

In this guide, we will apply a coin-cell battery on forecr carrier boards. First, we will desolder the super-capacitor component for RTC. Then, we will solder a coin-cell battery with a schottky diode.

Attention: This guide requires technical soldering skills and there is a risk to void warranty. If your products are under warranty, please contact us for warranty confirmation before starting this guide to not void your warranty. 

Removing the RTC Super-Capacitor

On forecr carrier boards, there are the same type of super-capacitors used on them. You can see each RTC super-cap component’s placement from DSBOARD-NX2, DSBOARD-XV2 & MILBOARD-XV below. In this tutorial, we used a DSBOARD-XV2.




As you can see to the next picture, the super-cap’s positive & negative pins can be easily found from the carrier board’s silkscreen after desoldering it.

The positive pin is the Jetson module’s “PMIC_BBAT” pin & the negative one is the ground pin.

Soldering the RTC Battery

In this step, we need a 3V battery (CR1225 type) & a schottky diode (40V-3A type, like this). To solder these components together, we will use a battery holder (like this). 

The correct connection schematic has given to the following picture (RTC(+) pin to schottky diode’s cathode pin, schottky diode’s anode pin to battery’s positive pin, battery’s negative pin to RTC(-) pin).

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