Boot Logo Customization on NVIDIA Jetson Modules

Boot Logo Customization on NVIDIA Jetson Modules

Jetson AGX Xavier | Jetson Nano | Jetson Xavier NX

17 February 2021

1- Generating the bmp.blob file 

2- Flashing the bmp.blob file 

3- Changing the login logo  


Hardware: DSBOARD-XV

OS: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

Language: C++

In this tutorial we used NVIDIA Jetson Xavier (8GB) module on MILBOARD-XV, but you can use all types of Jetson module.


  • 24 bit BMP images (x3) (640x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080)
  • PNG image (1920x1080)
  • JetPack installer host PC
  • Jetson module with carrier board

In our host PC, SDK Manager creates nvidia folder in HOME directory (~). After booting image, SDK Manager saves flashing files. Your blob file generator's full path is:

  • ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/_Linux_/Linux_for_Tegra/tools/bmp-splash

Our Xavier (8GB) boards full path is (for JetPack 4.5):


Generate bmp.blob File
We copied bmp-splash folder into ~/Desktop. (It's up to you.)


(Hint: All details are in bmp-blob-README.txt file)


First of all, add 24 bit BMP images into bmp-splash folder.



Secondly, change config_file.example's name to config_file and change inside like that:



Install liblz4-tool and get its full path.


Next, learn Jetson module's chip in this table:

Now, open terminal and generate bmp.blob file with one of these commands:
For Xavier NX or Xavier series:
  • OUT=$PWD ./ t194 ./config_file ./ /usr/bin/lz4c bmp.blob

For Nano or TX1:

  • OUT=$PWD ./ t210 ./config_file ./ /usr/bin/lz4c bmp.blob
For TX2 series:
  • OUT=$PWD ./ t186 ./config_file ./ /usr/bin/lz4c bmp.blob

    Flash bmp.blob File

    Change original bmp.blob file with your custom file. The full path of this file is:

    • ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/_Linux_/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/bmp.blob

      Open your module in Recovery Mode. Change current directory and flash BMP file:
      • ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/_Linux_/Linux_for_Tegra
      • sudo ./ -r -k BMP --image ./bootloader/bmp.blob

        Change Login Logo
        Copy 1080p PNG login logo into module and move into /usr/share/backgrounds. Then, change two xsessionrc files with sed command:
        • sudo mv FORECR_Login_Logo.png /usr/share/backgrounds/FORECR_Login_Logo.png
        • sed -i 's/NVIDIA_Login_Logo/FORECR_Login_Logo/g' ~/.xsessionrc
        • sudo sed -i 's/NVIDIA_Login_Logo/FORECR_Login_Logo/g' /etc/skel/.xsessionrc
        • cat ~/.xsessionrc | grep logo_path
        • cat /etc/skel/.xsessionrc | grep logo_path


          [Optional] Disable Blinking Text Cursor

          Open /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf file. Remove "console=tty0" and add "vt.global_cursor_default=0"



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