Product Launch : FORECR Unveils DSBOARD-ORNXS: A Compact and Powerful Edge AI Development Board with the powerful NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano and Orin NX SOM

08 February 2024

FORECR Unveils DSBOARD-ORNXS: A Compact and Powerful Edge AI Development Board with the powerful NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano and Orin NX SOM

[Ankara, 07.02.2023] – FORECR, a leading provider of innovative AI solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product, DSBOARD-ORNXS. This cutting-edge development board is designed to empower developers and engineers with unprecedented computational power and flexibility for edge AI applications.

DSBOARD-ORNXS is equipped with the powerful NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano and Orin NX modules, enabling users to harness the full potential of these advanced AI platforms. With support for both the 4GB and 8GB variants of the Jetson Orin Nano, as well as the 8GB and 16GB versions of the Jetson Orin NX, DSBOARD-ORNXS offers a versatile range of options to suit various project requirements.

One of the standout features of DSBOARD-ORNXS is its seamless wireless connectivity, thanks to the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities provided by extension sockets. This enables effortless integration with other devices and systems, making it ideal for IoT applications and edge AI deployments.

Memory is a critical aspect of any AI development board, and DSBOARD-ORNXS doesn't disappoint in this regard. It comes with different memory configurations to cater to diverse computational needs, including 4GB and 8GB 64-bit LPDDR5 options, as well as 8GB 256-bit LPDDR5 and 16GB 128-bit LPDDR5 alternatives. The graphics interfaces of DSBOARD-ORNXS offer exceptional visual output, featuring a Mini DisplayPort with a maximum resolution of 3840x2160. Furthermore, the board provides ample mass storage options with its M.2 Key-M SSD slot, allowing users to store and access large datasets efficiently.

DSBOARD-ORNXS offers an array of interfaces to enhance connectivity and expandability. It boasts two Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.2 Type-C and USB 2.0 interfaces for fast and reliable data transfer. Additionally, the board includes extension sockets such as M.2 Key-E, 5V FAN, SPI, I2S, I2C, UART, and RTC, enabling seamless integration with a wide range of peripherals.

Engineered to withstand demanding environments, DSBOARD-ORNXS operates reliably in ambient conditions ranging from -25°C to +85°C. Its compact form factor, measuring just 61mm x 90mm, allows for easy integration into space-constrained applications without compromising on performance.

DSBOARD-ORNXS supports the popular Ubuntu Linux 20.04 operating system, providing developers with a familiar and versatile environment for AI development. Furthermore, it offers full JetPack support, specifically JetPack 5.1.2, enabling access to a comprehensive set of software tools, libraries, and frameworks for accelerated AI development.

"DSBOARD-ORNXS represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions," said Mr. KARAGOZ, CEO & Founder of FORECR. "We are excited to provide developers and engineers with a powerful and versatile development board that enables them to unleash the true potential of edge AI applications."

DSBOARD-ORNXS is now available for order on the FORECR website and through authorized distributors. For more information about DSBOARD-ORNXS and other products from FORECR, please visit product page.