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How to use Intel AX210NGW Adapter on JetPack-5.0?

Jetson AGX Xavier | Jetson Xavier NX

30 September 2022

1- How to update the Intel AX210NGW's driver?

2- How to test the Intel AX210NGW?


Hardware: DSBOARD-XV2

OS: JetPack-5.0.2

In this blog-post, we will connect to a Wi-Fi network with Intel AX210NGW wireless adapter. First, we will update its driver. Then, we will connect to the Wi-Fi network.

This blog-post is compatible for JetPack-5.0 installed modules. Only the Wi-Fi side is working on this adapter (Bluetooth is not working). 

Updating the Intel AX210NGW's Driver

First of all, open a terminal & download the AX210NGW's driver from the following command below:


Then, extract it & apply the new driver. There are 2 script files to implement this driver on Jetson. The "" file will remove the previous driver & replace the newer one. The second script file will disables the Bluetooth permanently to avoid the USB communication problem for other USB devices. Afterwards, power-off the Jetson & 

cd AX210_driver/
sudo ./
sudo ./

Afterwards, power-off the Jetson & mount the Intel AX210NGW wireless adapter on the carrier board's M.2 Key-E connector.


Testing the Intel AX210NGW

After the wireless adapter has mounted, power-on the Jetson & connect to the Wi-Fi network from the Settings application. Then, select the connected network's settings to view the status of it.

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