Compiling and Running Samples of Basler Camera -

Compiling and Running Samples of Basler Camera

Jetson Nano | Jetson Xavier NX

18 February 2021

1- Compiling Basler Camera Samples

2- Running Basler Camera Samples

3- Basler Camera Integration to Board


Hardware:Applied to all Forecr Products

OS: Applied to all Jetpack versions

First, we must change the directory that we are working on. If you did not install pylon software, please click here.

There is "Makefile" for compiling in this folder. We should define the pylon root file in this document.

In order to define pylon root file, add to "Makefile" this line "PYLON_ROOT=/opt/pylon".

Start the compilation process by commanding "sudo make".

Let’s change the directory to one of example which is "Grab" and run the executable.

Here, you can see the gray value of first pixel when changing perspective of the camera.

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