Pylon Installation for Basler Camera
Jetson Nano Jetson Xavier NX 18 February 2021

In this blog post, we will explain "How to install pylon for using Basler industrial camera." This process will be the same for both DSBOX-NX2 and DSBOX-N2. The Basler industrial camera model that we are using " Basler acA2440 - 35 um ". Firstly, we have to download the right version of Pylon software. Select the "pylon 6.1.3 Camera Software Suite Linux ARM 64 Bit " file.



It is an obligation that giving some personal information before download the software.



After download process is finished, you should see the compressed file like below.



In this point, we have to create a directory by using terminal.

sudo mkdir /opt/pylon

After creation directory, we have to uncompress the file.


sudo tar -xvzf /opt/pylon ./pylon_6.1.3.20159_aarch64_setup.tar.gz

sudo chmod 755 /opt/pylon

cd /opt/pylon

sudo tar -xvzf . ./pylon_6.1.3.20159_aarch64_setup.tar.gz


After extracting the compressed file , there is "INSTALL" file which summarize the installation process.



In order to use USB cameras, we should install the udev-rules to set up permissions for Basler USB cameras by calling:


sudo /opt/pylon/share/pylon/


Click the "pylonviewer" executable file.



Please pay attention that USB port should 3.0 version.


Than the user interface window opens. Click the "Basler acA2440-35um" option under USB title.



For taking the single shot, press the symbol which is shown on the below. Than we should see the single shot on the right side of the window.



For continous shots, press the symbol which is shown below.



For saving the image , press the save symbol which is located on the right up side the window, than set the path location and press save button.



Thanks for reading.